ETH 301 – 307 Character Connection Training Bundle


Take your employee training to a deeper level with this bundle that includes all Character Connections courses in our catalog. SAVE 40% off individually purchased courses!

1 x Mental Makeover – Professional Ethics and Self-Discipline

This course focuses on personal ethical decision-making skills as they relate to how people think and approach ethical decisions in the workplace. The central theme of this course is self-discipline. The course provides practical tips, questions, and strategies for all employees to dig deeper into how they fundamentally approach ethics and how to build strong character to succeed.

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1 x Morality and Meaning - Moral Conscience and Ethical Balance at Work

Go beneath the surface of workplace ethics and take a hard look at how personal morality, conscience, and perspective help build a solid ethically balanced person.  This course helps participants understand how conscience, feelings, guilt, moral perspectives, and ethical balance play out in our everyday ethical decisions at work.

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1 x Me First! Building a Balanced Ethical Perspective at Work

Me First! is a course that helps people get beyond self-centered thinking and attitudes in order to improve relationships, raise ethical standards, and restore a sense of balance and perspective in the workplace. How people view themselves and those around them is a critical part of how they approach ethical decisions around them. This course is really about changing the way people think about each other.

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1 x Honesty and Personal Values at Work

Honesty and Personal Values at Work is a character building course that helps employees and employers understand principles of personal honesty and move to deeper levels of personal integrity by developing understanding of the practical issues that influence our ethical decision-making. The course takes employees on a journey of self-discovery, reflection, and application of honesty principles that will have a lasting impact on the character of the individual and the work environment as whole.

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1 x Character Matters!

Moral and ethical decisions in the workplace are not made in a vacuum but are based on a foundation of character and principle. This course helps employees understand the critical role personal character plays in their everyday ethical decision-making and provides tools to hone and strengthen it.

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1 x People Matter! Respect and Caring in the Workplace

Ethics is about respect. Most workplace ethical dilemmas involve interpersonal issues or conflicts that require us to consider how we respect, value, and care about people and our environment. This course focuses on people and respect. When we learn to respect and care for each other, we have powerful tools to deal effectively with the ethical crises of the day and to move forward in character and connection with our world.

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1 x Crisis Control! Apologies, Cover-ups, and Keeping Your Promises

Ethical crises are inevitable. However, when something goes wrong, bad choices are made, and scandal is just around the corner. Employees need to remember ethical principles and character values can help prevent and withstand the ethical storms. This course provides information that helps professionals prevent an ethical crisis, deal with a crisis when it occurs, and repair the damage after it happens.

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Take your employee training to a deeper level with this bundle that includes all Character Connections courses in our catalog. SAVE 40% off individually purchased courses!